Anglo Indian Project Review: part II

Time for another quick breather and to reflect on what’s what so far.

It is easy to lose track of information and begin getting confused by it all, so this is another quick summary of:

(1) Where is the #Angloindianproject up to?


(2) What next for the #Angloindianproject?

This summary will focus on progress since the first review published 7 March 2015, which is available here.


(1) Where is the #Angloindianproject up to?

Since the last review, twenty one blog posts have been published on all kinds of topics:

(i) Cuisine: Mostly focused on Anglo-Indian food, but broadly serving up some Indian dishes. So far: chicken bhuna, chicken jalfrezichicken dopiaza, coriander flatbreadmango chutney and a broad overview of Anglo-Indian cuisine. Many more to come!

(ii) Names: Some introductory histories of the Hassett and Wheeler names.

(iii) People: Many blog posts about ancestors and their lives. James and Martha Hassett , the marrriage of half-cousins David and Edith Hassett, William and Isabella Hassett, the Whartons and the Hassetts and their curious bonds, the captivating story of Hilda Hassett and William and Sophia Wharton.

(iv) Context: A few posts focusing on some contextual issues: End of the Raaj documentary, Anglo-Indian-isms and William Hassett’s job working in an Indian prison.

(v) Demographics: To assist with keeping the information manageable and for clarity, a directory of names was put together. In addition, with an eye on the #angloindianproject trip to India in 2016, a map of key family locations in India was started.

That is where the #Angloindianproject is right now.

Some people mentioned so far have not been addressed in any detail yet and in addition, a number of others have been identified throughout the #Angloindianproject, so far, and not mentioned yet. These will be addressed, in detail, in future entries.

(2) What next for the #Angloindianproject?

The information presented so far is still only a tiny piece of the overall information gathered to date. There are key individuals to be presented in closer detail. A few snap shots:

1. ‘Generation 7’

2. Edith Aileen Smith (yes, more)

3. David Vincent Hassett

4. Elaine Cynthia Wheeler – insights from her life

5. Stanley Wheeler


What about the family research process? A few highlights of things to come:

1. More information on gathering information on family history

2. Useful resources for researching ancestry

3. Overcoming (apparent) obstacles and brick walls in finding information

4. How to manage large amounts of data

5. Reviews of useful books and organisations


There are also many contextual areas of interest. To name a few:

1. What was (and is) life as an Anglo-Indian in India like?

2. What next for Anglo-Indians?

3. More recipes and deliciousness!

4. History of Bombay

5. Crime and Justice in British India


Not forgetting the unanswered questions from the family research so far. Again, just a few:

1. How far back do the Hassett’s go?

2. Who was the first full Indian citizen in the family?

3. How many family members are there in total?

4. A series of blogs will follow soon with details of the ‘family tree’ and how it has developed


Moving further forward, a few plans:

1. Still mining data and searching for additional names and information

2. Building the ‘family map’ – where ancestors lived, worked, settled, were buried, and a few other notable locations

3. A trip to India in 2016, using the ‘family map’ as a guide, which will hopefully provide further information, but at least it will provide some visuals to accompany the records and the write-ups.

That’s just a snap shot, there’s plenty more planned.

Currently, over 70 draft write-ups – at various stages – are sitting in the #Angloindianproject, with more planned. Hopefully this summary is a useful point to pause and reflect.

Now for more.

Links to previous summaries:

Angloindianproject Review: Part I

Cover picture credit: Laura Bui

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