The Family Tree I: initial findings

So far there has been a number of names and details found. I haven’t fully addressed the ‘family tree’ except in one earlier blog post. This post will detail the initial family tree and subsequent first steps.

When I started researching my ancestry I never really believed that I would find much information on my family’s heritage. I went in with the emotive-based motivation to discover more about my late Nana Elaine’s life as an Anglo-Indian in India and England, and to find out more about my Grandad, Stanley Wheeler. I began with a few names and birth dates but nothing too concrete. After spending just one day in the British Library in London, UK, all of a sudden I had the names and details of 14 ancestors spanning 6 generations (with me being generation 1). This was a successful find, but what did it look like?

I have documented individuals in previous blogs and won’t repeat all the official records here. Having searched for good software to document the ‘family tree’, I have not found any that can visually present the ‘tree’ in any effective format (there may be some better ones out there, I just haven’t found it yet).

So, I drew the ‘family tree’ myself (sketches aren’t the best, but there are start and will be updated with improved artwork in the future):

Click image to enlarge.

There are additional names in there – parents, aunts and uncles of mine – which are there to show the overall picture. The initial findings showed a clear path through the Hassett line – Elaine, David, James and William – which was to be expected as I was pursuing the Hassett line to begin with. A few off-shoots appeared which were interesting, including the surname ‘Pereira’ and the parents of my great grandmother, Edith.

A great start, but it wasn’t long before the tree changed in an unimaginable way.

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