The Family Tree II: John Pereira changes the future

It didn’t take long to find additional family members during the initial search in the British Library, London, January 2015. The first version of the family tree had provided many breakthroughs, uncovering ancestors I had never known about. Then, John Pereira provided something unexpected.

His marriage to Mary Ann Lee led to the joining of the Hassetts and Whartons in a way John Pereira probably never envisioned. His daughter from his first marriage to Regina Pereira, Martha Pereira, married James Hassett. John’s daughter from his second marriage to Mary Ann Lee, Sophia Charlotte Pereira, married William Bernard Wharton. Martha and James had a son, David Vincent Hassett. Sophia and William had a daughter, Edith Aileen Wharton.

David and Edith, half cousins, were married on 27 December 1922.

What this meant for the development of the family tree, is that two families – related – came together which eventually led to the birth of my Nana, Elaine Cynthia Hassett, in 1923. The marriage between half cousins appeared to be a rare event in India during the late 19th and early 20th Centuries, with first cousins four times more likely to marry than half cousins. Some suggestions of the family structure were offered previously, suggesting that David and Edith could have met through their shared grandparent, John Pereira.

As with the previous post about the family tree, I drew the ‘family tree’ myself (sketches aren’t the best, but there are start and will be updated with improved artwork in the future):

Click image to enlarge


John Pereira’s marriage to Mary Ann Lee proved to be an interesting twist in this family research, but low and behold, the Hassetts and Whartons were to spring another surprise.

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