The Great Wall of India: generation 8?

The early days of the Anglo Indian Project brought a lot of information and many breakthroughs in searching for ancestors of Elaine Cynthia Hassett. To date, the project has uncovered thirty seven individuals spanning seven generations. Attempts to find more individuals from ‘generation seven’ or earlier generations has so far hit the brick wall. This doesn’t mean they won’t be discovered. There are many reasons for this:

  1. As the number of individuals discovered has increased, so too has the volume of information that comes with the official records. The task of collecting, organising and using this information is a task requiring patience and time (more detail on this in a future blog post).
  2. In addition to official records, the project has accumulated many pictures, notes, letters, diaries and other items of interest with regard to the project aims, which also require lots of organisation and co-ordination (more information on the distribution of this information in a future blog post).
  3. The British India records in the British Library, London, are extensive, however, the British rule in India was between 1858 and 1947. Hence records pre-dating this time are not necessarily held by the British Library.
  4. The quality of the information held in the British Library (and other sources, such as FIBIS) are of varying degrees. Some information being complete and accurate, but some has missing / inaccurate information.
  5. The other factor is that the Anglo Indian Project has focused most pertinently on the information gathered (hence, more time focused on information already gathered, less on gathering new information in recent months).

The oldest names discovered so far (‘generation seven’) are:

1. John Pereira (snr) – the father of John Pereira (jnr) can be found on the marriage record of John Pereira (jnr) and Mary Ann Lee:

John Pereira and Mary Ann Lee_mar_c

2. John Lee – father of Mary Ann Lee can also be found on the marriage record of William Hassett (snr) and Isabella De Silva (as above).

3. (?) Hassett – the father of William Hassett (snr) can be found on the marriage record of William Hassett (snr) and Isabella De Silva:

William Hassett and Isabella de Silva_mar_c

4. John De Silva – father of Isabella De Silva can also be found on the marriage record of William Hassett (snr) and Isabella De Silva (as above).

There is a plan going forward to explore existing records and follow some new leads on additional individuals in the search for ancestors. In addition, there is still the under-explored sons, daughters, husbands and wives of many of the individuals found so far. There has been a focus on the direct Hassett and Wharton lineage, but, many other names and individuals of interest have emerged. Further exploration of these may provide additional insight into the lives of ancestors in India.

A quarterly review will appear soon (as per previous reviews – eighteen blog posts since the last one, at the time of writing) which will summarise and bring the current published information to date.

The Anglo Indian Project is also planning to unveil some exciting news in the coming months regarding the project and dissemination of further information. Watch this space!

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