Promoting The Anglo Indian Community

The Anglo Indian Project began as an exploration to find some records of my ancestors. The hope was to find any records about my grandparents and maybe their parents. Anything else would be a bonus. After finding seven generations worth of records and accumulating an (ever-increasing) mass of family items (photographs, letters, diaries), it felt appropriate to start this blog documenting progress. In addition, as areas of interest have been uncovered (not all have been documented, at the time of writing) it has become necessary to store and share information through a variety of methods – many of which are easily accessible:

Twitter: @angloindianproj or search #Angloindianproject

Facebook: Anglo Indian Project

Instagram: Anglo Indian Project

YouTube: Anglo Indian Project

The project is focused on researching the Anglo-Indian heritage of my late Nana, Elaine, however, has a broader vision to promote the Anglo-Indian community and keep the fire burning for a community rich in history and importance for the contemporary world.

If you are interested in being involved, finding out more, or just curious, we welcome your communication using the above methods.


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