Travelling to India: Why, how, where and when?

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In 2016, the Anglo-Indian Project will journey to India to explore some of the information, locations and people discovered so far.


Why not? To see, feel and experience some of the places that have been discovered in India and to bring this information to life. Otherwise, to visit and experience the most engaging, colourful, chaotic, spiritual and life-affirming country in the world.


Flying from the UK, daily flights are common and inexpensive. Depending on the time of year a flight for less than £400.00 return can be found with many airlines. Good websites to use are:


Previous posts have begun to map the locations identified so far. A key area is Bombay (now Mumbai). This will be the focus of the 2016 trip.


A challenging question. Many things to consider including (but not exhaustive) – personal scheduling, the weather in India (Bombay in particular), flight availability.

The weather in particular is the most pressing concern. Having researched this (see below for some links under weather) the following theme emerges:

The climate in Bombay (Mumbai) is split into three seasons:

  1. Summer: March – May
  2. Monsoons: June – September
  3. Winter: November – February

October (and November) tend to unpredictable months regarding the weather.

Ultimately, the ideal time (weather-wise) to visit is between December and February when temperatures are lower (but still warm, by comparison to the UK) usually lowering to a minimum of around 18-19 degrees Celsius.

Late August – October is the ideal time to visit for the festivals, such as Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali and Bakrid, this is when Bombay is at its colorful best when extravagantly decorated streets, shops and houses add to the city’s visual extravagance.

So, to avoid: March – Late August. Leaving Late August – February as the window of opportunity to visit Bombay in 2016. Given it is now February 2016, realistically September – December is going to be the best time to take the trip to Bombay in 2016. A bit more thinking and planning needed, but the focus on travelling time is narrowed.

In addition to weather guides, below are a few travel guides and advice on travelling to India.

Travel Guides


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