Muriel Isabel Hassett (1889)

Searching the records of Hassett’s has so far revealed that James and Martha Hassett had eight children born between June 1887 and August 1906 – four boys, four girls.

James and Martha’s third child (and third daughter) was Muriel Isabel Hassett, born on 17th January 1889:

Muriel Isabel Hassett_bap_c

Her baptism record revealed:

  1. Birth date: 17th January 1889
  2. Baptism date: 23rd November 1934
  3. Baptism location: Christ Church, Jubbelpore
  4. Name: Muriel Isabel Hassett (Gibson)
  5. Parents: James and Martha Hassett
  6. Parents abode: Jubbelpore
  7. Fathers occupation: Retired
  8. Priest performing ceremony: D.E.J. Earle. Chaplain.

Confirming Muriel’s birth date as 17th January 1889 and her parents as James and Martha Hassett. Muriel was 45 at her baptism, in Jubbelpore, Bengal. As with previous records found with multiple baptisms or delayed baptisms (i.e. not baptised immediately after birth or in the infant years), it may have been that Muriel had been previously baptised but this was not recognised or she was not baptised at all. If Muriel had been baptised previously (and no record has been found), she may have been baptised in the Bombay presidency and this may not have been valid or recognised or accessible in the Bengal presidency in 1934. We know that her parents were married in Bombay in 1885, and Muriel may have been born in Bombay (or the Bombay presidency). As births were not recorded in India (only baptisms), there is no record of this.

In addition, this baptism record confirms Muriel’s parents abode as Jubbelpore and fathers occupation as retired. We know that Muriel’s mother died on 27th March 1932. No record has been found so far confirming the date of death for James Hassett, so this record offers some hope that he was still alive in 1934 (he would have been 71 years old).

Further to the baptism record for Muriel Hassett, a marriage record was also discovered. She married Atwell May Gibson on 10th December 1917 in Jubbulpore.


Muriel Isabel Hassett_mar_c

The marriage record revealed:

  1. Marriage date: 10th December 1917
  2. Marriage location: District Court Jubbulpore
  3. Name of parties: Atwell May Gibson and Muriel Isabelle Hassett
  4. Age: Atwell: 33. Muriel: 29
  5. Condition: Atwell: Bachelor. Muriel: Spinster
  6. Profession: Atwell: Driver G.I.P.Rly. Muriel: Nil
  7. Residence: Jubbulpore (Bengal)
  8. Father’s name: Atwell: Henry William Septimus. Muriel: James Hassett.
  9. Witness signatures: ?? ?? Smith and Edward Carlton Wharton

At this time Muriel’s father James Hassett would have been 54 years old. This record, in 1917, shows his occupation as ‘Nil’. We do not know if James was still alive in 1917, as no record has been found to state otherwise, but others documents have confirmed his status as a fitter G.L.P.R. or most recent, in 1912 as an Engine Driver (Retired). The entry of ‘Nil’ may have been written to indicate that James had no employment due to retirement, but does contradict other entries. This could of course be a lazy registrar. Either way, it is not clear, other than to state that James had no profession at this time.

Atwells profession as a driver G.I.P.Rly is of interest too. Whilst the railways provided the majority of work for Anglo-Indians, this offers some insight into how Muriel and Atwell met. Muriel’s father had worked on railways himself and the family would have lived within a railway community, suggesting their meeting was connected directly to the railways and railway communities. Previous entries have documented the railways.

Another interesting entry here are the witness names. Edward Carlton Wharton, is further evidence of the Hassett and Wharton links. Previously this link has proved the most intriguing find of the Anglo-Indian Project so far. The other witness name, whilst not very clear, appears to have the surname Smith. This may be a coincidence, but we know Smith becomes an important factor in the Hassett – Wharton story, via Edith Aileen Hassett’s marriage to Clifford Melville Carr Smith. There could very well be a further link between the Smith, Wharton and Hassett families.

James and Martha Hassett’s children, so far, with birth date:

Hilda Mildred: 24th December 1885

Bertha Geraldine: 28th June 1887

Muriel Isabel: 17th January 1889


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