Percival William Hassett (1890)

Searching the records of Hassett’s has so far revealed that James and Martha Hassett had eight children born between June 1887 and August 1906 – four boys, four girls.

James and Martha’s fourth child (and first son) was Percival William Hassett, born on 28th October 1890:

Percival William Hassett_bap_c

His baptism record revealed:

  1. Birth date: 28th October 1890
  2. Baptism date: 26th November 1890
  3. Baptism location: Christ Church, Byculla
  4. Name: Percival William Hassett
  5. Parents: James and Martha Hassett
  6. Parents abode: Bina
  7. Fathers occupation: Driver J. M. Ry.
  8. Priest performing ceremony: Mr E. Scott. Chaplain.

Confirming Percival’s birth date as 28th October 1890 and his parents as James and Martha Hassett. His baptism took place at Christ Church in Byculla, Bombay – the same church as his siblings – however, this baptism record confirms Percival’s parents abode (in 1890) as Bina, Bengal. Presumably James Hassett was stationed in Bina at the time of the baptism, as his occupation is recorded as Driver J. M. Ry. (railway).

This is the only record found for Perival William Hassett so far, the search continues.

James and Martha Hassett’s children, so far, with birth date:

Hilda Mildred: 24th December 1885

Bertha Geraldine: 28th June 1887

Muriel Isabel: 17th January 1889

Percival William Hassett: 28th October 1890


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