Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day or Happy Mothering Sunday (in the UK, Sunday 6th March 2016).

This day of celebration and acknowledgement of that special lady who brought you into the world, is one that should not stand alone whilst she works hard to celebrate you for the other 364 days, but one which offers a universally designated time to step off that treadmill of life and be thankful – whatever your feelings about its possible religious roots, or that it is a commercial venture designed to extract money from the masses one Sunday of every year.

A good time to review some information in the Anglo-Indian Project from Elaine Cynthia Wheeler.

Extracts from a selection of diary entries:

1968 (Sunday 24th March)

‘Mothers Day: got cards and presents, flowers and chocs from Cyn, dictionary from Doug and Dawn, oven gloves and dish cloths from Diane and Viv and card from Dave and Liz. God bless them all. They are good.’

1969 (Sunday 16th March)

‘Mothers Day. Got cards and chocs off Diane and flowers from Cyn. David over with Jane also Mrs Williams. Viv gets up early and tidies downstairs and makes a cup of tea after the ‘after eight’. She’s getting really house proud. Good. Doug over also and Cyn and Tracy.

1970 (Sunday 8th March)

‘Mothers day. I got a box of ‘after eight’ from Tracy. Record, talcs and soap from Cyn and flowers in a pot from Diane and Viv and fruits from Dawn and Doug. Very nice of them all to remember me.’

1977 (Sunday 20th March)

‘Viv gave me a card and chocs for Mothers Day. Got boxes of chocolates from all the family. Lovely all the family over. Got book marker from Donna.’

This is a select few entries. But, alongside other entries and information (coming in future posts), a common theme is that of family, love and being proud (and chocolates and flowers).

Very Anglo-Indian, you might say.

I am sure Nana (Elaine) would continue to be proud of all her children, and extended family, in 2016.

Happy Mother’s Day, Nana, and to my mother (Viv), an active participant in the above entries. Nana, rest assured she is doing us all very proud.

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