Anglo-Indian Easter Treats

Easter is the principal festival of the Christian religion, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is celebrated at different times during March and April each year.


Easter is the foremost feast of the liturgical calendar. A typical Anglo-Indian meal would consist of ball curry, coconut rice, devil chutney and other delicious Anglo-Indian cuisine, such as fish cutlets, vegetables and fried potatoes, rounded off with fruit salad. Beers from large tankards and shandy’s are enjoyed; even the odd shandy for the children on this special occasion.

A key part of this celebration – especially enjoyed by the children, but not lost on the adults – are Easter eggs. Anything from a hard-boiled egg decorated with colourful paints, to a large chocolate egg.

A good recipe for making your own marzipan Easter eggs by Bridget White-Kumar. See other books and recipes by Bridget White-Kumar here.

Much like a traditional Easter Sunday in the UK, the afternoon is spent snoozing. Followed, by an afternoon tea consisting of sandwiches, toasted bread with butter and jam or treacle, and a cup of strong, hot, sweet tea. As the night wears on, leftovers are consumed by those who can stomach more food!

Happy Easter.


Cover picture credit: Petr Kratochvil

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