Clifford Melville Carr Smith

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Clifford Melville Carr Smith has provided much intrigue as the Anglo-Indian Project has developed. This post is focused on the official records found on Cliffy so far.


Clifford was born on 30 August 1919:

Clifford Smith_bap_c

His baptism record reveals:

  1. Birth date: August 30th, 1919
  2. Baptism date: September 3rd, 1919
  3. Baptism location: Saharanpore
  4. Name: Clifford Melville Carr Smith
  5. Parents: Clifford Melville and Violet Emma Smith
  6. Parents abode: Muttra
  7. Fathers occupation: Private 7th Qus Huzzars
  8. Priest performing ceremony: J.M. Rofus(?)

Confirming Clifford’s date of birth as August 30th and his baptism as September 3rd, both in 1919. The baptism took place at Saharanpore in Uttar Pradesh, Bengal, approximately 320km from Muttra, the residency of Clifford’s parents, Clifford and Violet Smith. The occupation of Clifford’s father is stated as Private 7th Qus Huzzarswhich was a cavalry regiment in the British Army.


On 19th April 1942 at Presbytery Catholic Mission, Ranchi, Bengal, Clifford married Edith Aileen Hassett:

Edith Hassett and Clifford Smith_mar_c

The marriage certificate revealed:

  1. Marriage location: Presbytery Catholic Mission, Ranchi, Bengal
  2. Marriage date: 19th April 1942
  3. Names: Clifford Melville Carr Smith and Edith Aileen Hassett
  4. Age: Clifford: 23, Edith: 34
  5. Bachelor or Widower: Clifford: Bachelor, Edith: Widower
  6. Profession of Clifford: Sgt. J.A.O.C.
  7. Domicile: Clifford: Saharanpore, Edith: Allahabad
  8. Father’s name: Clifford: Clifford Melville, Edith: William Bernard
  9. Mother’s name: Clifford: Emma, Edith: Charlotte Sophie
  10. Witness signatures: D’Silva, Alphi (Domicile: Piska, Ranchi) and D’Silva, R. (Domicile: Ranchi)
  11. Minister: Rev. E. De Meulder S.J.

This provided lots of interesting information. Firstly, is the apparent 11 year age gap (in reality it is 16 years) between Clifford and Edith. Secondly, the domicile of Clifford is Saharanpore which is 840 km from Edith’s stated domicile, Allahabad. Thirdly, the certificate (re)confirms Clifford’s father as Clifford Melville Smith, but his mother is named as Emma (instead of Violet Emma). This may be a mistake or perhaps Clifford’s mother was known as Emma. Alternatively, this may be part of Edith’s apparent desire to hide her real age (hiding the correct names of both parties mothers – Edith’s mother’s name is also incorrect). Edith’s age is recorded as 34 this is incorrect and should read 39.


The ‘Stratheden’ ship set sail from the port of London on 28th October 1948 bound for Sydney, via Bombay. Among the passengers on board were a married couple, Clifford Melville Carr Smith, aged 29 and Edith Aileen Smith, aged 40 (which we know to be a false record of her age). On 28th October 1948, Edith would have been aged 44, three days from celebrating her 45th birthday – presumably in Bombay, their destination.

Edith and Clifford Smith_ship_c


On 4 December 1956, Clifford and Edith were divorced:

The divorce certificate states that the marriage “be dissolved by reason that since the celebration thereof the said Respondent [Clifford Melville Carr Smith] had been guilty of adultery.”

Some of these points will be followed up in future posts.

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Interact with the Anglo-Indian Project

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