History of the Wharton name

Of English origin, a habitational name from the various places called Wharton. Examples include Wharton in Cheshire and Hertfordshire derived from the river name ‘woefer’ (meaning winding); in Lincolnshire from ‘wearde’ (meaning beacon) or ‘warod’ (meaning shore); and in Cumberland from ‘hwearf’ (meaning wharf or embankment). The crest of this surname is said to be a bulls head.

The first recording of the surname is said to be in the 14th Century and according to the 1891 census the majority of Wharton’s were living in the North of England. Over the centuries variations of the name have included Warten, Warton, Wartun, Wharten, and Whartun.

Anglo-Indian Project ancestors so far with the surname Wharton:

William Hastings Wharton, William Bernard Wharton, Sophia Charlotte Wharton, Edith Aileen Wharton, Roland Hamilton Wharton, Lilian Gertrude Anne Wharton, Hilda Mildred Wharton, and Carlyle Wharton.

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