Post 150: Anglo-Indian Project

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Post 150 of the Anglo-Indian Project provides a milestone to pause and reflect on what has gone before. With 150 posts, things can seem a bit muddled – it’s difficult to trawl back through all the posts to the beginning. The search feature, tags and categories (all can be found in the blog menu) provide a useful way to browse the AIP blog, but can still prove a bit tedious to search at times. Hence, these reflection and summary points can add some useful reference points. Every three months a summary is presented detailing every post from that period – the latest one was June 30th 2016, this was the sixth review post so far and contains several links to previous review posts.

Some of the key reflections at this milestone point, revolve around the issues above. As the project grows, the style and format of its delivery should evolve with it. Some key areas being reviewed include:

  • Tags and categories will be ‘tidied up’ and simplified to ease access to (and searching) the blog posts.
  • A new theme will be considered. The current wordpress theme ‘cubic’ is visually impressive, but going forward other themes may better serve the AIP.
  • Blog content is constantly under review to ensure new posts meet the purpose of the Anglo-Indian Project.

It was just under five months ago the last milestone post was published. That was post 100. The rapid leap to post 150 is largely due to the 30 posts in 30 days of June. As was the case then, there remains a wealth of information to be mined through and currently over 100 draft posts waiting to be finalised and published. A key point raised at the 100-post point was whether the AIP should have a time limit on it, i.e. should there be a definitive end point for the project. That time point will be when the information runs out – which is, in theory, never. Being focused on ancestry and the continuing growth of the family, providing someone wants to continue the AIP in the future, the project can evolve over time, indefinitely.

For now, there are plenty of interesting and purposeful posts on the horizon exploring the different Anglo-Indian ancestral lines and many areas of Anglo-Indian life – which incredibly are under-explored in broader research (much more on this coming in future posts).

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Interact with the Anglo-Indian Project

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