Lilian Gertrude Anne Wharton (1902)

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The official records of the Wharton’s has so far revealed that William Bernard and Sophia Charlotte Wharton had three children born between May 1902 and November 1905 – one boy, two girls. The couple’s second child, Edith Aileen Wharton, has been covered elsewhere in this blog. There is a (family-based) suggestion that William and Sophia had nine children – so far, there is no evidence in the official records that this was true. The search continues.

William and Sophia’s first child (and first daughter) was Lilian Gertrude Anne Wharton, born on 2nd May 1902:

Lilian Gertrude Wharton_bap_c

  1. Birth date: 2nd May 1902
  2. Baptism date: 25 June 1902
  3. Baptism location: Christ Church, Byculla (Bombay)
  4. Name:  Wharton
  5. Parents: William Bernard and Sophia Charlotte Wharton
  6. Parents abode: Byculla
  7. Fathers occupation: Mechanic
  8. Priest performing ceremony: Wellesley Hatchell, C.F. Chaplain

Confirming Lilian’s birth and baptism dates in 1902. The baptism took place at Christ Church in Byculla, the residence of Lilian’s parents, William Bernard and Sophia Charlotte Wharton. William’s occupation confirmed here as a mechanic – which appears in other official records.

Lilian’s burial record was also located, which confirms that Lilian died on 12th July 1902 – aged just 2 months old:

Lilian Gertrude Wharton_bur_c

Hilda’s burial record reveals:

  1. Burial location: Sewri cemetery
  2. Death date: 12 July 1902
  3. Age: 2 years 10 days
  4. Profession: Daughter of W.B. Wharton, Fitter G.I.P.Rly
  5. Burial date: 13 July 1902
  6. Cause of death: Enteritis
  7. Person by whom buried: Nicholson, H.S. Soc. of S.John Evang.

Another sad case of a child death. The cause of death, Enteritis:

Enteritis is the inflammation of your small intestine. In some cases, the inflammation can also involve the stomach (gastritis) and large intestine (colitis). There are various types of enteritis. The most common are:

  • viral or bacterial infection
  • radiation induced
  • medication induced
  • alcohol or drug induced
  • enteritis related to poor blood flow
  • enteritis related to inflammatory conditions, such as Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis

Symptoms of enteritis can include fever, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. Viral enteritis usually clears up without treatment in a few days. However, if you have symptoms of enteritis for more than three or four days, or you suspect that you have bacterial enteritis, seek medical attention.

Source: Healthline


The burial location, Sewri cemetery, is a common burial place among ancestors discovered so far. The record further confirms Victoria’s father as W.B. Wharton and his profession as a fitter for the G.I.P.Rly

William Bernard and Sophia Charlotte Wharton’s children, so far, with birth date:

Lilian Gertrude Anne Wharton: 2nd May 1902:

Edith Aileen Wharton: 31 October 1903

Cover picture credit: David Wheeler

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Interact with the Anglo-Indian Project

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