Thoughts on Blog Schedules?

As I am periodically reflecting on the scope of the Anglo-Indian Project, it is useful to also consider the dosage of blog posts (i.e. how often to publish).


This is an interesting reflective piece by Davy D on when, and what, to publish (see below and follow the link to see the comments section for additional insight).


It got me reflecting on my own publishing schedule and the content that is published. My comments on this (see Davy D’s postsee Davy D’s post):


‘Dosage is an interesting one. I think quality (is the content adding something to the world you are posting to) and interaction (are people engaging in the content and are you engaging with them) are most important. Posting everyday gets a bit laborious, but can help sharpen the focus of the blog; I tried this in June – 30 posts in 30 days. It was tiring, but helped me to see what was most useful / engaging for others, and refocus the blog (I couldn’t keep this up 365 days a year – like, for example, Seth Godin). On the flip side, in May I chose not to post anything due to other life events taking precedence, and the blog received more ‘hits’, ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ than at any other time in 2 years (with zero interaction from me). Maybe mixing it up is the key. What works for you is inevitably the final answer. Pressures to post everyday are not going to be right for everyone – one size doesn’t fit all.’


What is a reasonable posting schedule? and is the content purposeful?


All comments welcomed.

Inside the Mind of Davy D

calendar-1192688-639x490Word-High July was an excellent example of how regular posting can introduce you to more great bloggers and increase your blogs visibility. At present, posting each day is still a pipe dream but I have decided to increase to 3 posts per week (small steps). The new schedule will be;

Monday – Poetic Motivations – Quotes and words inspiring poetry.

Wednesday – Poetic Ramblings – Posts discussing all things poetic.

Friday – My poetry

The long term goal is to  post from Monday to Friday. I still believe in weekends being focused on family and recharging the batteries.

If anyone has any ideas or thoughts on how the blog could be developed on Tuesdays and Thursdays I would welcome your thoughts.

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5 thoughts on “Thoughts on Blog Schedules?

  1. Dan, thanks for the re-blog and glad to foster some debate on this.
    I think one of the things to consider is with blogs run by super bloggers, like Seth Godin, there is usually a full team behind the management and content production.
    Without this support we have to be a bit more focused and selective on how we utilise our time and effort.
    Another factor I have found, in the success of a blog post, is the time of day you post. I have been experimenting with posting at different times of day and the results are variable. Between 11am and 12pm seems to be more productive.

    1. Cheers, Dave.

      The timing of the posts is interesting. I tend to find that people find posts through searches, rather than necessarily looking at the post as the exact time it is posted to wordpress. Social media is helpful in this aspect, providing a wider broadcast for those who don’t want to trawl through blogger sites.

      Maybe because the AIP following isn’t large enough, I find it varies from post-to-post, from day-to-day, month-to-month.

      Some recent feedback I received, was to introduce a more structured themed-approach each week (as you do) – maybe a reflective piece one day, a more informative piece on another. I did initially have this type of format, I just didn’t stick to it!

      Keep testing, keep sharing 🙂

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