Stanley Wheeler – Happy 99th Birthday

Happy 99th birthday Grandad

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Stanley Wheeler (1917-2004), Grandad Stan, was born in Darlington on 29 October 1917. Today marks the 98th year since his birth.

My earliest memory of Grandad is him taking me ’round to the corner shop’ for sweets. As the years went by, this turned into a weekly five pound note (shared with my brother, Michael). This was due to Grandad going outside less as time went by. The Ringtons Man became the saviour – regularly delivering his goods to the house. Grandad would wait by the window like a puppy, and run (literally) to the door as the Ringtons Man arrived – the highlight for me was always the Tunnock’s Teacakes the Ringtons Man brought. Even as I write this, I have a Tunnock’s Teacake to handWP_20151004_011 (picture to the right) – something that has stuck with me since those days at Lanethorpe Crescent in the 1980s and 90s.


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