Sarah Ann Blakeman (1877-1900)

Interact with the Anglo-Indian Project

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Exploring Sewri cemetery in Bombay (Mumbai), India revealed two new people, Frederick Augustus Murray and Cecilia Veera Hassett Murray. This opened up a whole new line of enquiry for the Anglo-Indian Project. Who were the Murrays? Some of the answers were revealed through their respective baptism and burial records. But, were there more Murrays or Hassett Murrays?

After a long trawl through various genealogical resources, a marriage record was discovered  of Frederick Augustus Murray and Susan Ann Blakeman:


The record itself has not yet been copied from the microfilm in the British Library (see here for the record). This led to searching for additional records of Sarah Ann Blakeman and discovery of her burial record (with reference to Frederick) and her baptism record:


This revealed:

  1. Baptism date: 12th October 1877
  2. Birth date: 1st September 1877
  3. Parents names: George and Ellen Georgina Blakeman
  4. Abode: Mazagon, Bombay
  5. Profession (father): Preventive Service H.M. Customs
  6. Ceremony performed by: J.K. Weatherhead

This confirmed Sarah’s birth date (1st September 1877) and baptism date (12th October 1877). Her parents names were George and Ellen Georgina Blakeman who resided in Mazagoan, Bombay. Sarah’s father, George, worked for the Preventive Service H.M. Customs – the service David Vincent Hassett later worked for (David’s sister, Bertha, was Frederick’s second wife); this may provide some insight into the connection of the two (now three – Hassett, Murray, Blakeman) families.

Sarah died on 27th April 1900 from the plague:


Her burial record revealed:

  1. Burial location: Sewri cemetery
  2. Death date: 27th April 1900
  3. Age: 22
  4. Nationality / Profession: Wife of Frederick Murray, Taxidermist
  5. Burial date: 28th April 1900
  6. Cause of death: Plague
  7. Person whom buried: H.S. Nicholson S.S.J.E.

Confirming her burial location as Sewri cemetery, on 28th April 1900, and her surname as Murray. Sarahs cause of death was the plague which devastated India (particaularly Bombay in the late nineteenth century – the mortality rate from plague in 1900 was thought to be 22 per thousand. Across India (official) records show that about 2 million people died of the plague, but the actual number is likely to be much higher. Her burial record further confirms Frederick’s profession as a taxidermist.

The marriage record of Sarah and Frederick requires transcribing from the British Library microfilm. As yet, no marriage record has been located of Frederick and Bertha, but we know they had at least one child, Cecilia. While searching for this record, others were discovered which revealed further information about the Hassett-Murray connection.

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Interact with the Anglo-Indian Project

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