AIP Christmas #1: Why study our ancestors?

This post is part of the Anglo-Indian Project Christmas series 2016.aip-christmas-1-2016

Why study our ancestors? (to name but a few)

  1. The joy of discovering something new about those who lived before us
  2. Discovering more about yourself and your family
  3. Preserving family stories and heritage for generations to come
  4. Bringing the names of ancestors back to life
  5. Creating a legacy

What key points would you add?

The AIP started with a few names and a hope of finding a few more, inspired by Nana, the late Elaine Cynthia Hassett. To date the AIP has identified over 50 new ancestors and counting, a few are pictured below.

AIP_with web address2

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6 thoughts on “AIP Christmas #1: Why study our ancestors?

  1. I also think, in this Dan, there is a coming to terms with our own mortality. Knowing there is a history that created us and that we will leave an imprint for others to know and discover.

    1. Thanks Dave. I agree, something that can inform the legacy. It’s sad to think that most of our history (or personal heritage) has been taken to the grave. Generally. we (humans) don’t deal well with mortality and researching ancestors can be a effective way to explore this.

      1. So true Dan. In my former life I met so many people who had great stories to tell and always wished I had recorded their thoughts. Mostly they had been abandoned by family, so when they died the history went with them.

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