AIP Christmas #3: Elaine Cynthia Hassett (1923-1981)

This post is part of the Anglo-Indian Project Christmas series 2016.


Once upon a time there lived a wise young lady named Elaine Cynthia Hassett. As a troublesome baby she gave her parents, David and Edith, sleepless nights. Her father would have to walk up and down the garden with Elaine at 5.30 in the morning to keep her quiet.

Everyday Elaine would run to the gate to empty her Dad’s pockets of anything he had in them. He always brought sweets or other things Elaine and her brother liked.

When she was older, Elaine met a young man from England, Stanley Wheeler, and fell in love with his English (or perhaps, Darlo) charms.

Elaine_sharpened3In 1943 she married Stanley, then moved to England in 1945 with their first child.

Elaine and Stanley’s family grew; four more children and eight grandchildren.

Until finally Elaine was survived by thirteen grandchildren and fifteen great grandchildren (at the time of writing). Her legacy lives on.

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The Anglo-Indian Project aims to explore Elaine Wheeler’s life and those who lived before her, providing valuable insight into generations of lost family heritage, and keep the fire burning for the Anglo-Indian community.

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