AIP Christmas #7: Stanley Wheeler (1917-2004)

This post is part of the Anglo-Indian Project Christmas series 2016.


In September 1937, 19-year-old Stanley Wheeler arrived in Bombay, India.Stan_sharpened 3 He would return to England with a very different life in front him. His actions would also trigger the Anglo-Indian Project 77 years later.

Serving in the British Army, Royal Artillery, Stanley spent eight years in India throughout World War II. During this time, he met Elaine Cynthia Hassett. The two were married in June 1943 at St Mary’s Church, Parel, Bombay. In December the following year their first child was born, David William Wheeler.

Stanley returned to England in December 1945 with a new family, which continued to grow: four more children, Douglas, Cynthia, Diane and Vivien; thirteen grandchildren and fifteen (and counting) great grandchildren.

Grandad Stan was a generous family man. He passed away in January, 2004, but his life and legacy is important to understanding the development of recent generations.

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4 thoughts on “AIP Christmas #7: Stanley Wheeler (1917-2004)

  1. Dan, I am really enjoying these bite sized pieces of the AIP. They are a good reflection and reminder of the hard work that goes into a project like this.

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