AIP Christmas #11: Edith Aileen Hassett (1903-1963)

This post is part of the Anglo-Indian Project Christmas series 2016.


Edith Aileen Hassett has been one of the more interesting individuals in the Anglo-Indian Project so far. From marrying her half-cousin unnamedto lying about her age to marrying and divorcing an alleged ‘rogue’, she has provided much intrigue.

It appears Edith had a colourful life which she lived to the full. Her early life was fraught with tragic events, orphaned by the age of 11. Her later life too, seems to have had its difficulties.

Edith’s life is best summed up by her daughter, Elaine:

Mums has always been the sweetest and dearest person to me in all this world. She was plump, dark haired and had the prettiest hands I have ever seen. She was ever so gentle and ladylike and never uttered a harsh word or swore. She had a heart of gold and nobody ever asked for alms in vain or begged for food and didn’t get it. Mums helped everybody but nobody helped her in her time.

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