AIP Christmas #13: Anglo-Indian Project Quick Facts

This post is part of the Anglo-Indian Project Christmas series 2016.


What are the key findings of the Anglo-Indian Project so far?

  • 39 previously unknown ancestors discovered (46 total)
  • 7 generations uncovered
  • Portuguese ancestry discovered (Pereira and De Silva)
  • 6 Family names so far:
    • Wheeler, Hassett, Wharton, Pereira, De Silva, Lee
  • 9 family names by marriage:
    • Smith, Gibson, Murray, Hassett-Murray, Blakeman, Callaghan, Astridge, Gordon, Watts
  • Many interesting stories, but three in particular stand out:
  • Global interaction with the blog has led to family members making contact
    • in addition, many people – academics, historians, Anglo-Indians, bloggers – are actively interacting in the project
  • Many family photographs, stories and items have been shared
  • 2016 trip to India revealed many insights into family who lived in Bombay.

Plenty more to look forward to in 2017!

AIP_with web address2

Interact with the Anglo-Indian Project

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6 thoughts on “AIP Christmas #13: Anglo-Indian Project Quick Facts

  1. Dan, it has been a pleasure reading about your family tree and this post shows the hard work and effort that has been put into it. I am looking forward to reading more in 2017.

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