Jane Sophia D’Rufsett (1857/8 – 19??)

Interact with the Anglo-Indian Project

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The discoveries of Emma Violet Smith (1876-1929), her father Alfred George Astridge and Emma’s first husband Samuel Carey Gordon have raised lots of interesting points, such as: potential links to the Murray family; direct – and eerie – links to Clifford Melville Carr Smith and Edith Aileen Hassett; Marriage locations and chaplains linking to other members of the Hassett and Wharton families; and links to many more records to be explored. The genealogical detective work never ends. Emma’s mother, Jane Sophia Astridge, first appeared on Emma’s baptism record and then again on the marriage record to Emma’s father Alfred George Astridge – covered in a previous post, but copied here again (in the interests of giving every individual discovered through the Anglo-Indian Project due attention):
This marriage record revealed:
  1. Marriage location: Simla, Bengal, India
  2. Marriage date: 5 January 1876
  3. Ages: Alfred George: 27, Jane Sophia: 18
  4. Condition: Alfred George, Bachelor; Jane Sophia, Spinster
  5. Profession: Orderly Room Sergeant
  6. Residence: Alfred George: Simla, Jane Sophia: Simla
  7. Father’s names: John Astridge and Charles William D’Russett
  8. Witnesses: A. S. Davis; Margaret McRae; Elias Pierce
  9. Ceremony performed by: E.H. Gulliver, Off. Chaplain
This marriage record provided lots of useful and interesting information about the marriage of Jane and Alfred, but of particular interest was the discovery of Jane’s maiden name D’Rufsett, which appeared to be a Portuguese name – although no confirmation of this yet – the use of the D’ preceding the name suggests this is the case (especially given the occupancy of the Portuguese in India). Lots of searches of the various available resources for any further records of Jane D’Rufsett have proved fruitless so far, but have led to the discovery of records of offspring of the Astridge, Gordon and Smith families (these will be covered in the near future). The hope is that analysing these new records will reveal more information about Jane and lead to more breakthroughs in the D’Rufsett lineage.
Cover picture credit: Ali Naqi

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Interact with the Anglo-Indian Project

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