Anne Cecilia Caroline Watts (1862)


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As the web of ancestors grows larger, the discoveries of the AstridgeD’RufsettGordonSmith links to the Hassett-Wharton line have provided much intrigue. Another name not covered in detail yet is Anne Cecilia Caroline Watts. Before marrying Emma Violet Astridge, Samuel Carey Gordon was married to Anne Watts, his first wife. Searching the usual resources, Anna’s baptism record was relatively easy to find:


Her baptism record revealed:

  1. Birth date: 3 November 1862
  2. Baptism date: 13 February 1863
  3. Baptism location: St Mary’s Curch, Benares, Calcutta
  4. Name: Anne Cecilia Caroline Watts
  5. Parents: Edward Rooke and Emilia Mary Watts
  6. Parents abode: Benares
  7. Fathers occupation: Assistant Teacher in the Government College, Benares
  8. Priest performing ceremony: M.D.C. Walters, Chaplain

Confirming Anna’s date of birth as 3 November 1862, and baptism at St Mary’s Curch, Benares, Calcutta on 13 February 1863. Her parents, Edward Rooke and Emilia Mary Watts were resident in Benares, where Edward worked as an Assistant Teacher in the Government College. The baptism was performed by Chaplain M.D.C. Walters.

Anna’s marriage to Samuel Carey Gordon has been covered previously, but here again:


This marriage record stated: 

  1. Marriage location: St. John’s Church, Calcutta
  2. Marriage date: 5 August 1881
  3. Ages: Samuel: 21, Anne: 17
  4. Condition: Samuel, bachelor; Anne, spinster
  5. Profession: School Master
  6. Residence: Samuel: Calcutta, Anne: Calcutta
  7. Father’s names: Carey Ward Gordon and Edward Rooke Watts
  8. By Banns or Licence: Licence
  9. Witnesses: E. R. Watts and H. T. Manuel 
  10. Ceremony performed by: J. Rawson, Chaplain St. John’s

Confirmation of the marriage at the St. John’s Church, Calcutta on 5 August 1881. Samuel, aged 21, is recorded as a bachelor, Anne, aged 17, as a spinster. Both resided in Calcutta, India, where Samuel is recorded as being a School Master. Father’s names are confirmed here as Carey Ward Gordon and Edward Rooke Watts, with witnesses to the marriage recorded as E. R. Watts and H. T. Manuel . As with previous marriage records presented, the witness signatures may provide some additional insight into the lives of Samuel and Emma Violet (were the witnesses friends? colleagues? neighbours? or just the nearest people they could drag in to sign the paperwork?) It may be difficult to find out, but could prove insightful (it does appear here that Anne’s father, Edward, was one of the witnesses). The ceremony was performed by J. Rawson, Chaplain St. John’s.

Alongside the discoveries of the AstridgeD’RufsettGordon families, the records of Anna Watts provide more detail and lines of enquiry, including a curious family link to ‘The White Mughals‘ and lots of information to explore regarding the links to the Hassett-Wharton families in the 19th and early 20th centuries. More on this soon.

Cover picture credit: Ali Naqi

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Interact with the Anglo-Indian Project

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