Travels of My Aunt

This post contains material from, and is inspired by, Inside the Mind of Davy D

Inside the Mind of Davy D is a fascinating space exploring the world of poetry. Check out his daily posts for insightful commentary, debate and controversy. Delve into his mind, if you dare.

The poem below is an example of the great poems you’ll find on Davy D’s blog. This poem caught my attention for its poignancy and connection to genealogical research.

‘gazing through the windows’ (usually in the British Library or lately at home watching the sporadic weather. This also creates an image of the ‘window of the past’)

‘recalling another world’ (looking back through those records of baptisms, marriages and burials, imagining how life was for the many ancestors discovered)

‘inspires a young soul’ (depends on your point of view, but i’ll include myself as a young soul! – certainly inspired by this poem and the exploration of Anglo-Indian history).

There’s also a question raised here that is close to what the AIP is all about – how do we inspire young people to engage with genealogical research and explore their history? Answers on a postcard, please.

Check out this poem, ‘Travels of My Aunt‘, and many other thought-provoking and inspiring words at In Davy D’s words “enjoy the madness.



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3 thoughts on “Travels of My Aunt

  1. Dan, thank you so much for this, it is gratefully appreciated. Many of the posts you write on AIP provide a seed or two for my poetry. If, as you say, we could all connect in some way to inspire a younger generation, then that would be a wonderful thing.

    1. You’re welcome Dave. Thanks for the inspiring words through your blog. Your post has got me thinking of some potential ways of engaging younger generations in genealogical research. There’ll be some reflective posts appearing here soon I suspect.

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