Visiting Bombay (Mumbai) – the Victorian City

A post from Memories of a Travel Addict Chick which provides another account of Bombay (Mumbai), mirroring some of the observations of a previous Anglo-Indian Project post – Bombay (Mumbai) 2016.

Hungary-icon  In Hungarian – Egy Utazásmániás Tyúk Naplója: Rövid látogatás Bombay-ben (Mumbaiban), a viktoriánus városban

Some years ago I was in India, I wrote here in a previous post about it (The Road full of Rebel Monkeys and Pilgrims in Jaipur, India).

During the roundtrip I visited Mumbai (Bombay) too. The official name of the City was Bombay till 1995. I personally find this name more exotic than Mumbai… 

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Bombay 2016 new

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