Coming Soon: In Search of Ancestors in British India: Where to Start


You want to know about your family history, but have no idea where to start. You know there are historical family connections to British India, but are not sure where to look for information. You’ve tried using online search engines to find information, but keep ending up in dead-ends, hitting brick walls, and expensive subscription sites. Some free information you’ve stumbled upon has raised your spirits, but it feels like you’re going round in circles. You feel isolated and embarrassed to ask for help.

Family History Guide

You are not alone. I know what this is like – I’ve been in this exact position. It took me too long to finally get properly motivated. But, after years of researching this very problem, I have developed a guide which will offer simple step-by-step support to getting started with your family history research. I have been conducting research for nearly 20 years, and have applied this research knowledge to making this guide specifically for people starting out on the wonderful journey to discover their family history. If you read this guide, you’ll instantly remove hours of stumbling around in the online maze of information.

This guide will focus you on the places that matter, where the information is stored, how to access this information, and ultimately provide you with answers to your search for those historical family links in India. With the free time this creates for you, why not spend more time on the things you love to do.

Can I assist you with your family research journey?

Sign up here and I’ll let you know when the guide is ready. 



Dr Dan

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Family History Guide


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