Day 6: Post 300

This post is part of the Anglo-Indian Project Holiday Season series 2017

300 posts feels like quite a milestone, and a useful opportunity to reflect on the evolution of the Anglo-Indian Project. Since that summers day in August 2014 when I set up this blog, I did not expect to still be talking about it, let alone posting regularly and interacting with a wonderful community of people who have had a real impact on my worldview. The strong emotive element remains, based on the Nana I never got to meet – an all to sad recurrence for genealogists and family historians I have met in the last three years.

Over the three+ years so far, we have accumulated a number of unknown family members from centuries past. This has been a key focus and will continue; a number of new records have been discovered and will be shared in 2018. But, the project has grown beyond this now and found its own roots in a number of areas related to the history and context of Anglo-Indians and international relations between India and the globe. In particular, it has been an unexpected consequence of the project to have global interaction with many people, including: Anglo-Indians, academic scholars, historians, bloggers, global travelers, chefs, writers, poets and many more. Long may this continue, grow and develop.

Looking forward to the next 300 posts and continuing this wonderful conversation.

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