Day 11: Martha Pereira

This post is part of the Anglo-Indian Project Holiday Season series 2017

Martha Pereira was born to parents John and Regina Pereira in Bombay on 27 April, 1865. Her mother, Regina, died when Martha was less than eight months old, on 23 December 1865. 

Martha married James Hassett on 1 March 1885, at Christ Church, Byculla, Bombay (pictured right). The couple went on to have eight children (known so far):

  1. Hilda Mildred: 24th December 1885
  2. Bertha Geraldine: 28th June 1887
  3. Muriel Isabel: 17th January 1889
  4. Percival William: 28th October 1890
  5. Leonard: January 1895
  6. David Vincent: 23rd September 1896
  7. Hubert Earle: 1st December 1899
  8. Henrietta Marie: 19th August 1906

Martha Hassett  died on 27 March 1932. During the trip to Bombay (Mumbai) in 2016, and a visit to Sewri cemetery Martha’s grave (along with her son, David) was (unexpectedly) discovered. The inscription read:

In ever loving memory of Martha. Beloved wife of James Hassett. Died 27 March 1932, Aged 67. ‘God’s Good Woman’

Martha and David Hassett's Grave

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