Day 19: Frederick Augustus Murray

This post is part of the Anglo-Indian Project Holiday Season series 2017

An unexpected find during the trip to Bombay (Mumbai) in 2016 was the grave of Frederick Augustus Murray, shared with Martha Hassett and David Vincent Hassett. Also in the grave plot was Cecilia Veera Hassett MurrayI suspected that Frederick Augustus Murray had married one of the Hassett daughters (probably of James and Martha Hassett) and that Cecilia was his daughter.

Frederick was born on 11 March 1875 in Kurrachee. His nationality is stated on various records as European and his profession was a Taxidermist. The first time I saw this on Frederick’s burial record I was immediately reminded of a couple of pictures discovered in family albums:


Images that stand out; now even more so. There are no details attached to the photographs, but the lady on the far left in the bottom photograph is Edith Aileen Hassett. Given her date of birth was 31 October 1903, Edith looks – perhaps – in her twenties here, which would have been in the 1920s. If this is true, it is reasonable to assume that the lady on the right is Martha Hassett. In addition, the children in the picture may be children of the Hassett’s, the Wharton’s or the Murray’s. 

Frederick’s died on 21 November 1927, aged 53 years.

Discovering Frederick Augustus Murray at Sewri Cemetery was a great find and locating his official records has shed some light on who he was. The records of his daughter, Cecilia Veera Hassett Murray, confirmed that Frederick Augustus Murray was Cecilia’s father and the direct connection to the Hassett family – as hypothesised earlier – as James and Martha Hassett’s daughter Bertha Geraldine Hassett.

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