New Blog Post Schedule

With lots of exciting AIP adventures on the horizon, there will be an additional post each week. Starting 5 February, posts will be published on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

New Blog Schedule 2018

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Reflection, thoughtfulness and rigour have been key principles of the Anglo-Indian Project, and as part of developing these foundations, the scheduling of the weekly blog posts is being revamped. From 5 February and throughout 2018, three posts will be published weekly:

On Mondays: #MondayMusings will provide a throwback to an AIP post accompanied with a short reflection. This may be relevant to a current theme, person or event, or it may be a random dip into the AIP archives.

On Wednesdays: #WednesdayWisdom will focus on new information discovered about the AIP family history and continue with the genealogical detective work underway. 

On Fridays: #FridayFun will continue another AIP principle of not being too narrowly focused (or taking everything too serious) when it comes to family history research. The broader context of India – historical and contemporary – is critical to any understanding of British India and Anglo-Indians. Unfortunately, this often gets neglected. Expect more delicious recipes, links to all things India, conservation, charitable ventures, travel and more.

But what about Tuesdays and Thursdays? We are on it. But, as we grow, we’ll take one step at a time. Watch this space, they will be filled before you know it!

Cover photo by Mike Tinnion on Unsplash


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3 thoughts on “New Blog Post Schedule

  1. Best of luck with this Dan. It looks interesting and I look forward to reading the posts. I have found having the regular slots attracts different people on different days.

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