Minnie Eliza Watts Gordon (1884)

Tracing the Hassett-Wharton-Smith family lines and links so far has reached seven generations to [first name unknown] Hassett who would have been born in the early part of the 19th century and was father of William Hassett (The search continues for generation eight). Stemming from the adventures of Edith Aileen Wharton led to discovering the Smith’s, and moving further back through the family history revealed the marriage between Samuel Carey Gordon and Anne Cecilia Caroline Watts. This post presents the baptism record of Samuel and Anne’s first child, Minnie Eliza Watts Gordon (1884).

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After searching through the various available resources, a baptism record was discovered for Minnie. 

Minnie was born on 2 April 1884: 

Minnie Eliza Watts Gordon_Bap_c

Her baptism record further revealed:

  1. Birth date: 2 April 1884
  2. Baptism date: 2 May 1884
  3. Baptism location: St Thomas (Free School) Church, Calcutta, India
  4. Name: Minnie Eliza Watts Gordon
  5. Parents: Samuel Carey Gordon and Anne Cecilia Caroline Gordon
  6. Parents abode: Calcutta
  7. Fathers occupation: School Master
  8. Priest performing ceremony: S.B. Taylor, Chaplain

Minnie’s baptism record revealed that she was born on 2 April 1884 and baptised one month later on 2 May 1884 at St Thomas (Free School) Church, Calcutta, India, S.B. Taylor performing the ceremony. Her parents, Samuel Carey Gordon and Anne Cecilia Caroline Gordon resided in Calcutta (Bengal Presidency), with Samuel working as a School Master. This matches the previous records discovered about Samuel

Minnie was the first child (discovered so far) of Samuel and Anne. But, more quickly followed.

Samuel Carey and Anne Cecilia Caroline Gordon’s children discovered so far:

Minnie Eliza Watts Gordon: 2 April 1884



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