Families in British India Society (FIBIS) 20th Anniversary Conference

The next FIBIS residential conference celebrates the society’s 20th birthday and will run from Friday 28th to Sunday 30th September at the Hawkwell House Hotel in Iffley, Oxford. A variety of experienced and engaging speakers are lined up to share their research, stories and specialist knowledge on a range of topics which should assist to fill in some gaps and encourage delegates to pursue their own investigations. Find out more in this post or visit the FIBIS conference web page directly here.

Friday Fun 2018Photo by Mike Tinnion on Unsplash adapted by AIP

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Visit the FIBIS conference web page directly here

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From the FIBIS conference website:

There will be opportunities over the weekend to consult FIBIS and other experts on individual research problems, and also to view examples of past FIBIS transcriptions and research results and to browse a gallery of photographs.

There will be some tutorials; such as research or practical advice on the use of the FIBIS and other websites, and in contributing to FIBIS database, Wiki and Gallery

We will also have space for discussion groups on specific topics of common interest suggested by delegates and run by themselves.  And of course there will be time to network with fellow delegates.


The event will start at 13.00 on Friday with an open forum session and other tutorial or discussion opportunities.  Formal lectures will begin at 14.30.  We will have afternoon lectures and one shorter after-dinner lecture.  There will be a full day of talks on Saturday, including an after-dinner speaker, and two further talks plus a plenary session on Sunday morning.  The conference will close at 13.00 on Sunday.


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There’s even a prize draw offering a free upgrade to a superior room to five lucky delegates. Names will be drawn from bookings made during the early bird period, up to 31st March 2018. Visit the FIBIS conference web page to find out more about booking options and details of confirmed speakers.
Cover picture: FIBIS


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