Violet Mary Gordon (1900)

Today the AIP #WednesdayWisdom series continues with the children of Samuel Carey Gordon and Emma Violet Gordon (nee Astridge). This post presents the second baptism record discovered: Violet Mary Gordon (1900).

Wednesday Wisdom 2018

Photo by Mike Tinnion on Unsplash adapted by AIP

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Samuel Carey Gordon and Emma Violet Astridge were married in 1895 and according to records discovered by the AIP they had a number of children. Following the discovery of their first child Gertrude Eveline Muriel Gordon (1896) using the various available resources a baptism record was found for their apparent second child, Violet Mary Gordon (1900).

Violet was born on 22 February 1900:

Violet Gordon_bap_1900

Her baptism record further revealed:

  1. Birth date: 22 February 1900
  2. Baptism date: 6 March 1900
  3. Baptism location: Peshawur, India
  4. Name: Violet Mary Gordon
  5. Parents: Samuel Carey Gordon and Emma Violet Gordon
  6. Parents abode: Peshawur
  7. Fathers occupation: Private School Master
  8. Priest performing ceremony: F. Mansfield A.C.C.

Presumably named after her mother, Violet’s baptism record revealed that she was born on 22 February 1900 and baptised two weeks later on 6 March 1900 in Peshawur, India. The ceremony was performed by F. Mansfield A.C.C. Her parents, confirmed as Samuel Carey Gordon and Emma Violet Gordon, resided in Peshawur, India, with Samuel’s profession stated as Private School Master; this matches the previous records discovered about Samuel including the baptism records of his children with Annie Gordon (1862-1894). This record indicates another possible move of location by Samuel following previous records which stated his abode as Agra (see burial record of Samuel’s wife Annie Gordon (1862-1894) and the baptism record of his daughter Alice Irine Gordon (1893)) and Simla (see the baptism record of his daughter Gertrude Eveline Muriel Gordon (1896)).

Violet is the second child of Samuel and Emma to be discovered (although given the four-year gap from the first child – Gertrude Eveline Muriel Gordon (1896) – there may be others. There are certainly more to follow.

Samuel Carey and Emma Violet Gordon’s children discovered so far:

Gertrude Eveline Muriel Gordon: 15 November 1896 

Violet Mary Gordon: 22 February 1900


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