About AIP

The project explores Anglo-Indian history.

Started in 2014 by Dr Daniel Marshall, the original focus, which remains a key theme of the Anglo-Indian Project, was the genealogical exploration of Daniel’s late Nana, Elaine Cynthia Hassett. The Anglo-Indian Project has since grown into a broad exploration of Anglo-Indian history with a vision to keep the fire burning for a community rich in history and importance for the contemporary world.

You can interact with the project in the following ways:

Facebook | Paper.liTwitter | YouTube

If you are interested in being involved, finding out more, or just curious, we welcome your communication using the above methods, use our Get in Touch page or join our mailing list here.

All content remains the property of the Anglo-Indian Project, unless otherwise stated, and may be reproduced, with full citation to the source, for non-commercial purposes only.

We use affiliate links, which means if you follow some of our links and make purchases we receive a small percentage of the purchase, at no extra cost to you. This helps to keep the Anglo-Indian Project free.


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