Directory of Names

Below is a list of the names located so far by Anglo-Indian Project. Included are hyperlinks to additional information, if it has been covered in the blog thus far.

Updated 1 November 2017

Names in alphabetical order (by surname – if available)




Blakeman, Sarah Ann


De Silva, John


Hassett, Bertha Geraldine

Hassett, David Vincent

Hassett, Henrietta Marie

Hassett, Hubert Earle

Hassett, Isabella (nee De Silva)

Hassett, James

Hassett, John

Hassett, Leonard

Hassett, Leonard Havelock

Hassett, Martha (nee Pereira)

Hassett, Muriel Isabel

Hassett, Percival William

Hassett, William (jnr)

Hassett, William (snr)

Hassett Murray, Ceclia Veera

Hassett, (Unknown)


Lee, John


Murray, Frederick Augustus

Noble, Cissy M.

Noble, Sidney


Pereira, Ernest Augustus

Pereira, Henry

Pereira, John (jnr)

Pereira, John (snr)

Pereira, Mary Ann (nee Lee)

Pereira, Regina

Pereira, Victoria Alice


Smith, Clifford Melville

Smith, Clifford Melville Carr

Smith, Edith Aileen (nee Wharton / Hassett)

Smith, Violet Emma


Wharton, Carlyle

Wharton, Hilda Mildred (nee Hassett)

Wharton, Lilian Gertrude Anne

Wharton, Roland Hamilton

Wharton, Sophia Charlotte (nee Pereira)

Wharton, William Bernard

Wharton, William Hastings

Wheeler, David William

Wheeler, Elaine Cynthia (nee Hassett)

Wheeler, Stanley

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8 thoughts on “Directory of Names

  1. I am researching the following families:
    All are listed as Indo-Briton or Native on their various birth certificates.
    The first “Native” woman listed in my ancestry is Natcharama Maken my 6th great grandmother and Mootahma “Mary” Wheatley my 5th great grandmother. My English ancestors were with the Madras European Regiment.

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    1. Hello, Nacharama was my 6 times grandmother ,and Mary Maken my 5 times grandmother .I have been looking to find out more about them and particularly Peter Maken ,not sure of his nationality ?Do you have any information .?

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello, I am researching my family in India. Names are mainly Wilcox, Lynn, Slator, Freeman. The family go back to 1740. My Great Grandfather is General William George Wilcox of Baroda Army. I have just taken a DNA and find I am 20% India. Can anyone connect. Thanks

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